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Playing Augmented or Diminished Chord Arpeggios on the Bass Guitar

This tutorial teaches you how to play arpeggios for any augmented or diminished chord on your bass guitar. ...(more)

Playing Minor Chord Arpeggios on the Bass Guitar

This tutorial will teach you how to play arpeggios for minor chords on your bass guitar. ...(more)

Playing Major Chord Arpeggios on the Bass Guitar

Chord arpeggios, like scales, are an important aspect of playing bass guitar. This tutorial will teach you how to play arpeggios of any major chord. ...(more)

Combing Scale Shifts and Open Strings to Play Two-Octave Scales on the Bass Guitar

This tutorial shows you how to combine your ability to slide from position to position and your knowledge of open strings to play scales across two octaves on your bass guitar, using the Bb major scale as an example....(more)


Getting SMART with Your Guitar Practice Goals

Effective, efficient guitar practice requires you having at least one goal in mind when you practice. Borrowing the Using the business management acronym "SMART" to help you set up goals can be helpful when it comes to making the most of your practice time. ...(more)

The Differences Between Practice and Play

If your guitar playing isn't improving in spite of hours and hours of practice, you might want to examine whether you're truly practicing and not simply playing. It's important for you to know and understand the differences between practice and playing to become a better guitarist. ...(more)

Practicing Guitar Without a Guitar

Any guitarist will tell you that practice is the key to playing well. For most people, though, it's hard to find time to practice more than thirty minutes to an hour or so a day. But you could be getting in valuable practice time even when you don't have a guitar in your hands. There are many aspects of music that you can practice at almost any time of day. Here are some easy and important practice ideas you can work on when you're away from your guitar:...(more)


Five Facts About the Chromatic Scale in Music Theory

If you are learning to play guitar, it is likely that you are also being introduced to music theory at the same time. You will learn about the chromatic scale very early on and be able to play it with ease. However, it is likely that at the beginning you do not know what exactly the chromatic scale is and what it means. Learning the history and roots of music theory can be very interesting and important for your understanding of music. Thus, below is brief description of the history behind the development and use of the chromatic scale....(more)

Resources for Guitarists

For guitarists, there are often questions that arise, whether it is about a certain picking technique or a type of chord. A guitar is not something you become an expert in overnight; rather, it takes patience and practice to excel. Sometimes though, you need a little extra help. There are many guitar resources both online and in physical form....(more)

Tips for Beginning Guitarists

Many who have played Guitar Hero have had dreams of being a guitar playing god, believing in the dream, they go out and buy a real guitar. However, reality soon strikes when they realize that they have no idea where to begin. From holding the guitar properly, to strumming, picking, and playing chords, there are a lot of different finger techniques to learn. This article explores some of the basics for those that are brand new to the guitar....(more)

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