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A Basic Guide to Transposing Songs

Transposing, or changing the key of a song, can be a vital tool for the guitar player. This tutorial will teach you how to transpose any song simply and quickly. ...(more)

5 Easy Two-Chord Songs for Beginning Guitarists

Once you learn a handful of chords on your guitar, you can immediately start playing songs. Here are five songs that use only two chords....(more)

Taking Group Guitar Classes

Taking group classes can make learning the guitar fun and affordable. Here are some tips to help you decide if group guitar classes are a good match for you....(more)

Playing Augmented or Diminished Chord Arpeggios on the Bass Guitar

This tutorial teaches you how to play arpeggios for any augmented or diminished chord on your bass guitar. ...(more)

Music Theory

Understanding Basic Song Structures

Knowing basic song structure can help you to learn a song by its parts as you try to master it on guitar. This knowledge of song structure can also help you to communicate well with other musicians as you work on songs together. ...(more)

Minor Scales and Relative Minors

Being able to play any of the three minor scales gives you more tonal color to add to your solos and improvisations. This article will help you understand how each minor relates to a major key and also walk you through the steps of forming each of the three minor scales. ...(more)

What are the Major and Minor Pentatonic Scales?

The Major Scale may hold all the information any musician may need, but the pentatonic scale is the favorite of most guitarists. It's easy to learn and to play in multiple positions along the neck....(more)

Famous Guitars

Martin Backpacker Review

Martin is known for making high-quality acoustic guitars. The Martin Backpacker is essentially a miniaturized version of a full-body Martin acoustic guitar. This guitar is considered good for travel; at the same time, it tries to maintain the classic sound that you would get from a full-body Martin guitar. In this Martin Backpacker review, it will be shown that sometimes big things come in small packages, so you do not ever have to settle, especially when you are on the go....(more)

Thrash and Shread With John Petrucci Rock Discipline

Whether you are an amateur musician or have been playing guitar for decades, it's never too late to expand your rock star knowledge. Honing your skills can be as easy as picking up a book or popping in a DVD. When you hear the term "thrash" your brain may automatically run to the classic images of 1980s hair bands, but consider the Progressive Metal (or Prog Metal) genre these bands evolved into in the early 1990s. By transcending the radio rock of hair metal and tapping into the instrumental power of six-string or even seven-string guitars, famous guitarists like John Petrucci were able to perfect techniques like alternate picking and turn them into shredding solos. If you are interested in developing your own progressive talents, John Petrucci's Music Man guitars will be your guide and the "John Petrucci Rock Discipline" may be your bible....(more)

How to Learn Classical Guitar

Classical guitar is essentially the cornerstone of all modern guitar genres. If you learn classical guitar you can learn to play anything. Usually a nylon string acoustic is used to practice and play any classical guitar. When you play classical guitar you do not usually use a pick but rather use your fingers to pick the strings, but it really depends on the guitarist. If you are interested in learning to play classical guitar, follow the steps below....(more)

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